Building Better Futures for Young People


Military schools are typically boarding schools that base themselves on established military colleges. The aim of these schools is to teach the students discipline and the value of hard work. Education is a very important component of military schools as well. Military schools are excellent places to prepare young people for attending a university, and many students attending a military school find that they thrive in the disciplined and structured environment the school provides.

Education at Military Schools

The students at a military academy are being prepared for post-secondary education. They often leave the schools as higher performing students. Military schools are known for turning bad students into good ones. Many successful people cite their military school background as a major reason for what they have achieved. Good habits are acquired and they stay with the students. The good preparatory education helps students in later studies. An ambition to succeed is often awakened and nurtured in the students.

Daily Life at a Military School for Boys

At a military school, student life is well regulated. The students themselves are kept quite busy, so there’s little time left for ‘getting into trouble’. In addition to classes and homework, students are expected to complete a variety of duties, such as chores. The students are part of a group that helps build a sense of identity and community through training together.

Online School Options

There are currently no military school online options for young cadets. Because of the disciplined and structured nature of a military school, it is best suited for a boarding school environment. Because it wouldn’t require a student’s physical presence, an online military school wouldn’t expose students to many of the experiences that are integral to a military school.

Opportunities After Military School

Military schools are exceptional at preparing their students for military careers. After a military career, there are a number of military friendly schools where previous service can result in tuition or even academic credit. Many employers prefer to hire people with a military background.

Free Military School

It is possible your child is eligible to attend a Challenge Academy. These are free military schools for troubled kids. They are notoriously tough on the children. However, they are a good way to turn around a life heading in the wrong direction. Graduates receive a small grant of money to put towards a college education.

Deciding to send your child to military school is a big decision. A wide selection of schools is available and all are different from each other. One common trait they all share is their ability to make good adults out of their cadets.