Why Should I Get Certified?



In today’s economy, having a high school diploma is not usually enough to get a good paying job, but college is expensive and not for everyone. One path to solid employment is to obtain certification in a high-demand field. Not every job requires a college degree, but most good jobs do require expertise in a particular field. You can obtain the practical training you need through a certification program.

Many community colleges and specialized technical schools offer certifications in a wide variety of fields, ranging from health care to online publishing to refrigerator repair. These programs are generally reasonably priced, and you may also be able to obtain student loans to help cover the cost.

Most certification programs take less than a year to complete, so you will be on your way to qualifying for a good job quickly. Certification programs focus on practical fields, where you can see the results of your work and feel pride in your accomplishments. And many programs partner with local businesses to offer internships and assistance in finding jobs.

What field should you study? Think about what you are good at and what you like to do. Do you like working with people? Are you good at fixing things? Do you understand machines, or are you good with numbers? By considering your current skills as well as your interests, you may get a sense for the direction you should take.

Take a look around you. Everywhere you go, you encounter people who are working at skilled jobs and earning decent wages. Which jobs seem interesting to you? Ask the people you meet what it’s like to work in their field and how they qualified for their jobs. You may be surprised at how many people got into their careers by starting with a certification.

By attending and completing a certification program, you will learn the essential skills you need to qualify for a well-paid job in the field of your choice. Whether you are interested in becoming a nursing aide, a hairdresser, an electrician, a computer technician, or almost anything else you can imagine, there are certification programs available to meet your needs.