Diverse IT Certification: More Necessary Than Ever Before


It’s a well known fact in the IT field that the cutting edge of technology, and therefore the level of education necessary to be useful in the field, moves faster than academia does. A common problem in many IT fields, and even in advanced theoretical fields like computer science, is that a lot of the information that a student learns along the path to acquiring their degree is obsolete by the time the graduate, or at least not long after. Major players in the IT field always make an effort to communicate with school, and keep their information as up-to-date as possible, but it isn’t enough.

It’s also up to the student to take it upon themselves to pursue supplementary IT certification, even if it’s from outside of the college they’re attending. In fact, a lot of the largest companies in the tech field offer IT certifications of their own, many of which get updated based on changes in the industry on a yearly basis. Having a certificate from one of these industry leaders to put on a resume in addition to completing a degree in IT can give you a massive edge in getting hired, especially in an industry that’s becoming quickly over-saturated with IT experts.

Perhaps just as important as having the in-depth knowledge that 3rd party IT certifications can grant you is the impression that potential employers get from you in knowing that you pursued them on your own time. Most companies prefer employees that have a self-starting desire to learn, and are therefore easily trained to adapt to diverse roles within their organization. Having that additional training suggests to them that you’re passionate about your field, and therefore are likely to be a good fit for whatever position they need filled.

Having a diverse set of IT certifications also allows you to reflect your individual strengths on your resume, making them a perfect compliment to what might otherwise seem like a somewhat generic resume. If you’re particularly skilled at a certain programming language, or if you have unique knowledge in network infrastructure security, it’s definitely worth your time to reflect those strengths by taking the necessary tests to become officially certified in that area. Most of the time, IT certification tests are relatively cheap, and their unspoken testimony about your professional character will more than pay for itself in time.