Facts about the GRE Test


The GRE Test stands for Graduate Records Examination and it is a standardized test that is a general admission requirement for numerous graduate and business schools around the United States as well as internationally. The Educational Testing Service developed the test in 1949. The test strives to assess general verbal reasoning, analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking abilities. The examination is computer-based and it is administered by qualified testing facilities. The GRE General Test is straightforward and it is divided into six sections. The questions are multiple-choice and timed with two verbal sections consisting of 38 questions, two quantitative sections with 30 questions, and two analytical writing sections with 25 questions. Each section has a time limit of 30 minutes. The multiple-choice questions are score on a 130 to 170 scale. The costs to take the GRE Test depend on the country, but in general the fees range from $130 to $210. Individuals who qualify make be eligible for financial assistance.

Important Points When Taking the GRE Test

  • Every question is worth the same amount of points, no matter the difficulty and nature.
  • Every section with the exception of the verbal section consists of questions that go from easiest to most difficult.
  • On average, individuals typically have one minute or under to answer each question.
  • Even in doubt, every question should be answers because there are no consequences for incorrect answers.

Benefits of the GRE Test

Flexible testing schedules with testing options available various times a week at numerous testing facilities.

The scores for the GRE test are valid for five years, so individuals can take the test before they are completely set on what area they would like to study.

The GRE examination is the only admissions test accepted by thousands of graduate and business schools around the world. It may be able to save individuals money and provide an array of options.

Individuals deciding to take the test have access to free official test preparation software and tools.

The design of the examination is easy to navigate and individuals are able to skip questions and change answers in a certain section.

Many questions are related to real-life situations that demonstrate the type of thinking required for graduate and business school programs.

The test places more weight on reading rather than analogies and out of context vocabulary.

The computerized test can calculate and report the score within a few minutes of completion of the test.