Opportunities to Study and Work in the Law


There are many different ways for you to benefit from studying law.  Whether you put your studies to work in a law firm or in law enforcement or social services, a law-related course of study may be your first step to a rewarding and interesting career in the law.

A few of the opportunities to study law are discussed below.

Paralegal Studies

Work as a paralegal for a law firm is both challenging and rewarding.  Law firms practicing in almost every area of the law — from criminal law to family law and business law — utilize the services of paralegals.  Many of these firms look for applicants with a degree in paralegal studies.  You can obtain an accredited paralegal degree online.  Online degrees offer the advantage of flexible schedules and are often quite affordable.  Working as a paralegal is a fine career option in itself; a paralegal degree can also be a stepping stone to later attending law school and becoming a lawyer.

Criminal Justice Education

As with paralegal studies, you can obtain a bachelor of law degree or criminal law degree online.  A degree in criminal justice can be a suitable background for exciting work in law enforcement, and a criminal law degree can also prepare you for employment in other fields such as social services and teaching.  As with paralegal degrees, many students with a bachelor of law degree also go on to attend law school.

Legal Education and Law Degrees

A university law degree is required to practice law in most states in the U.S.  The post-graduate university law degree typically takes three years to complete and results in a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree.  Obtaining a J.D. will allow you to take the bar examination in any of the 50 states; once you have passed the bar examination and met other local requirements, you are authorized to practice law.

In the competitive world of employment these days, completing law courses online can give you an advantage over other applicants.  Even if you do not complete a degree in paralegal studies or a criminal law degree online, taking a few of these courses can improve your resume if you are looking for work in a law firm or with almost any government agency.