Don’t Sell Yourself Short: Is an Online Marketing Degree For You?


A good pitch can mean the difference between sales and failure; for many, a marketing or advertising degree is the first step to a good pitch.

With an advertising or marketing degree, one can learn the skills necessary to sell products or services to others. Such a versatile degree can even set the foundation for building a personal business. Branding and visibility are important for any business to be successful, and with a marketing degree under one’s belt, any ambitious entrepreneur is well-equipped to create a marketable business profile. Someone interested in building a fashion-oriented business, for example, may choose to pursue an online fashion marketing degree while working in the industry during the day.

For many people, attending college at an on-site institution is impossible. If someone already has a career and wishes to improve their preexisting marketing skills, it may be more feasible to pursue a sales and marketing degree online.

There are several benefits to earning an online marketing degree instead of matriculating physically at a university. Online courses typically have flexible timing, allowing the student to spend time at work or home with children. Internet degree programs are also accessible from many locations and offer the opportunity for students to work at their own pace.

A marketing education has multiple facets, so expectations for marketing and advertising degrees may be slightly different or vary between schools. Specific advertising courses might focus on the design and promotion of advertisements, team communication, and the relationship between media and marketing.

Students in marketing and advertising may greatly benefit from pursuing an internship opportunity during their studies. Internships provide practical experience that a classroom environment might lack and allow students to apply their knowledge in a realistic setting. An internship will also provide experience for students looking to continue their education and earn an MBA in advertising. Online learners can have similar experiences by applying to companies offering telecommuting internships.

The versatility of of a good marketing degree is its strongest appeal. Whether pursuing new career opportunities or continuing on to earn a marketing MBA, a degree in advertising or marketing can help students build critical thinking and communication skills and learn the fundamentals of business operations. With the availability of online marketing degrees, learning about this fast-paced and dynamic field is even easier for nontraditional or telecommuting students or working adults looking to advance their education.